Moorland Exploration


A thrilling activity involving descending from rocks, building or other high structure  to the ground under controlled conditions using a rope system. W e have used a variety of locations on Dartmoor including Haytor, Dewerstone rocks and Meldon viaduct. Local companies offer this popular activity.


This is exploring caves by means of climbing , crawling, squeezing and sliding through small spaces.The challenge lies in the type of cave system being visited. Dry caves do not flood and are safer for beginners. Be prepare to get muddy and damp.The complex of dry caves at Buckfastleigh is a great location, caving is also available in the Mendips. 

Climbing and Rock Scrambling 

Rock scrambling is all about negotiating challenging ground often on all fours.The beauty of this activity is having access to areas on Dartmoor beyond the casual walker.

Climbing with ropes can be done both outdoors, usually on Dartmoor, and indoors at various climbing centres on artificial walls. It can be mentally and physically challenging.

Navigation and Orienteering

Learning navigation  skills to read  a compass and understand maps goes hand in hand with walking. It is a fun group activity and essential for Dartmoor walking. Many local organisations run courses at various levels.

Orienteering is a fun way to learn to navigate as you find your way between control points marked on a map. The aim is to complete te the course taking the best route in the quickest time - walk , jog or run.


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