Club Dissolution

It is with great sadness that we informed our Membership earlier in the year of the Clubs Dissolution.

This decision has been made after many committee discussions, membership meetings, questionnaires, and requests to our membership, for support and assistance in the running of the Club and promotion to the broader public.  A series of events were held during the past 2 years, to encourage "uptake" in activity organising and inclusion.   While this did re-activate a level of motivation, it unfortunately, was not enough to convince the committee of the required responsibility and effort, in maintaining the Club's status.

Covid has had a major financial impact on the Club, affecting the membership renewals year on year, and with a closer emphasis on people connecting with each other socially via Facebook, in a non-financial membership format, we saw this to be a further reason to limit any further cost implications on the overall requirements surrounding our Club status.

The Women's Challenge Club Facebook page is still in operation, but under the amended name of:

Friends of Women's Challenge Group

This is now an Open group page, for any interested ladies who would like to continue to link up for social get-togethers and outdoor activities.  The emphasis is on "self-management" in organising activities of choice and encouraging interest in taking part.

Thank you to all of our many supporters over the past 30-plus years. 

The Women's Challenge Club journey has been incredible.  A journey that has seen the inclusion of Women into sporting areas, historically dominated by Men, women overcoming confidence issues, and facing those challenges, both mentally and physically.  In facing and overcoming many of these challenges, members created great, lasting friendships, and continue to champion the support of welfare, well-being, and inclusion of Women, in our local communities.

Keep up the good work, make good choices and keep smiling.